We do not support an environment of murmurers and complainers…we believe that a pleasant, positive ‘can do’ attitude is essential to a productive, encouraging, and successful environment.
From the janitor to the CEO, everyone’s job is important and critical to the success of Trinity!
We strive to maintain a serious and a professional environment, however, we allow for mistakes and often remind ourselves and each other that the ‘sky is not falling’.
Our culture embraces an attitude of generosity and politeness toward one another.
There is no “I’ in Team…from the Back Office, to those at our customer sites, we are ‘One Team’ and everyone is important to the success of Trinity!
At Trinity, we continually strive to create an environment that is fun, comfortable, challenging, and conducive to continual learning. As a company that values diversity, integrity, and excellence, we work to create a collaborative culture where employees are encouraged to share ideas with one another. At Trinity, our most valuable resource is our people. Our culture is one that encourages and supports our employees to bring out the best in each other and people feel empowered to make a difference every day!
We strive to maintain an environment where we honor and esteem each other’s roles, responsibilities, and individual personalities.
We highly encourage an environment where each person’s behavior is respectful and considerate toward others.
There is ‘One Team’ at Trinity centered on a common goal of success that benefits our employees, customers, teammates, and partners.
We believe that our employees, customers, teammates, and our partners deserve courtesy, respect, and excellence.
We encourage an open, respectful collaborative environment.
We encourage thought-leadership and healthy discussion of issues coupled with ideas, solutions, and options.