The Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce(MCCC) partnered with Bloomberg Government to bring together panels of highly esteemed professionals from Government and Industry to discuss ‘Expanding Opportunities for Midsize Contractors.’ President & CEO of Trinity Technology Partners, Inc., Bruce Lansdowne, was a guest speaker amongst other distinguished leaders of mid-sized companies and small companies quickly approaching mid-size. Mr. Lansdowne shared his views on the implementation of MCCC initiatives geared toward expanding opportunities to compete for mid-sized of companies.

The Bloomberg Government study states that mid-tier companies larger than $38.5 million in revenues or 1,500 employees reach a pivotal point where they no longer qualify to receive the benefits of small businesses such as set-asides. These businesses are thrust into a challenging competition with larger businesses who possess revenues as much as ten times their own. This phase is often the determining factor for a continued company’s success.

President & CEO Lansdowne approaches this challenge optimistically, ensuring that “focus, focus, focus” is key to Trinity’s success. He highlighted important objectives such as diversifying the company’s portfolio, partnering with businesses who share similar ambitions and continuously investing in the progression and productivity of Trinity employees.